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Changing the way faculty and students interact together

University & beyond

MaestroVison offers cost-effective video technology in the classroom and beyond. The scope of opportunity to embrace this technology in education is limitless. Classroom recording, lecture capture, Mooc, presentation recording and  faculty training.  From universities and colleges, to business schools and medical training in hospitals, and into the world of performing arts, broadcasting is an abundant and infinite resource for faculty and students alike.


Primary and secondary private and public schools, language and technical (vocational) schools, can all benefit dramatically from bringing video inside the classroom, and reinvigor the role of both instructors and students. Concepts such as Flipped Classroom literally turns the business of teaching on its head – Flipping changes teachers from “sage on the stage” to “guide on the side”, allowing them to work with individuals or groups of students throughout the class, monitoring the levels of understanding and measuring student involvement.

Video Library

A comprehensive database of easily accessible material, for student and faculty alike. All lectures, training videos, presentations, and campus recordings. A sophisticated search engine system pinpoints the exact content required (both amongst and within video recording), and avoids time wasted trawling through cataloged listings. Select from all popular formats in order to view from laptops, tablets or smart phones.