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Veotek ED Video library

Everything available, centrally stored and on-demand 24/7/365

The MaestroVision Video Library – Video Content Manager, provides educational facilities with a centralized solution for managing all video recorded in lectures, student presentations, campus events and more. Instructors and students across the institution can quickly find relevant video /  audio on any course.

– Seamlessly integrate the optional lecture capture solution (Keyserve ED)  for the highest video /audio quality on the market today –



Video management EucationSystem Features:

  • Search: Advanced search engine capabilities allow students to find material containing the “key word(s)”, compiling multiple course recordings in a single search.
  • Rights Management: Security features protect content and limit access to material, allowing instructors to  control who access to video recordings.
  • Central Storage: The video library provides a cost effective method to centrally store all recorded files that can be accessed locally or remotely on any device . 
  • Automatic Purge: A user defined amount of time determines how long material will reside in storage before being automatically deleted freeing up storage space.
  • Editing: System can automatically ingest material based on Mark In and Mark Out points creating a frame accurate shot list and eliminating unwanted material.
  • Intuitive User Interface: The educational video library is designed for non technical users, the intuitive user interface and system intelligence simplifies system operation.
  • Proxy Preview: Instructors can preview the material before uploading it ensuring to share the correct video at all times.
  • Transcoding: MaestroVision transcoding capabilities eliminates compatibility issues between different video formats.

Video Management education MaestroVision For more information  please contact us at 1-888-424-5505  /



• All standard files supported.
• Multiplatform: compatible with Pc, Mac, tablets, smart phones, etc.
• System configuration:
     Dual Intel Xeon processors
     Two 10/100/1000 Ethernet controllers

• Chassis:
– Dimensions:
     Height: 5.2” (132mm)
     Width: 17.7” (450mm)
     Dept: 25.6” (650mm)
– Rackmount chassis
– Redundant power supply
– Redundant cooling
– Weight: 75 lbs (34 kg)[/text_output][/vc_column]


• VT-INT 24TB: Internal 24TB storage/60,000 hrs (RAID-5)
• VT-EXT 64TB: External 64TB storage/160,000 hrs (RAID-5)

Archiving LTO:
• VT-T50E: 50 tapes LTO-5 library archive
• VT-CNTL: Library Control

• VT-TRANS: Supports Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2, Mpeg-4, H.264, Windows Media, DV25, DV50, DVCPro, HDV, VC-1,DPS, DivX, Flash, Real Video, QuickTime, AVI,ASF, MXF, LXF, GXF, sQ, Omneon, Spectrum, 3GPP
• VT-Web I/F: Website interface

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